The model shows one of the largest brownfield developments in Germany: © AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH

FRANKFURT WESTSIDE has passed an important milestone: On 27 January 2023, the municipal council of the city of Frankfurt decided to draw up a development plan for the former Industriepark Griesheim. The approximately 73-hectare site is one of the largest revitalisation projects in southern Germany. Beos AG, which is developing the area, predicts that over 5,000 new jobs will be created in the next few years. The Frankfurt urban planning office AS+P, which drew up the framework plan, laid the foundation for a sustainable neighbourhood development. Last year, Frankfurt Westside received the DGNB pre-certificate in the platinum category.



From the point of view of Head of Planning Mike Josef, the environmentally friendly brownfield development is a great opportunity for Frankfurt: “With the reactivation of the industrial and commercial site, we are creating new perspectives for the economic development of our city. It is very good news that additional jobs are to be created in new businesses in Frankfurt’s west. For Frankfurt benefits from a strong economy. Opening up the industrial area will also bring Griesheim closer to the Main. New leisure and sports facilities are to be created on the green banks of the Main. The districts in Frankfurt’s west will benefit from this.”

Head of the Department of Economic Affairs Stephanie Wüst sees the competitiveness of Frankfurt as a location strengthened: “The area in Griesheim is the largest contiguous commercial space resource in Frankfurt am Main for the foreseeable future. It is also the quickest to activate. Here we are creating a supply of demand-oriented, competitive and largely resilient commercial space, especially for manufacturing, but also technology-oriented and innovative companies. With the zoning decision, we are now starting the important phase for the further development and marketing of the area.”



The approved framework plan was conceived by the Frankfurt architecture and urban planning firm AS+P, which envisages a sustainable commercial quarter with quality of stay and areas for events, gastronomy and culture. For example, there are to be various leisure and sports facilities on the greened banks of the Main. After the quarter, with its 150-year chemical industrial history, was practically inaccessible to the public, the area will open up in future with generous open spaces not only to future employees but also to local residents in Griesheim. This also includes a large number of charming industrial monuments: brick buildings, chimneys and the former harbour crane are to be preserved and have an identity-forming effect on FRANKFURT WESTSIDE.