The world needs
greener business parks

The chemical industry has been present in the Griesheim Industrial Park for over 180 years. It’s now time to make efficient use of the existing structures to enter an era of sustainability: careful use of resources, intelligent integration of renewable energies, mobility and waste heat and open space design that provides space for biodiversity, leisure and recreation. In this way, we are already shaping a responsible, intergenerational future at FRANKFURT WESTSIDE.

Urban biodiversity

We are taking measures to attract new and native species of animals, such as bats, wild bees and reptiles. The networking of open spaces promotes general biodiversity and reduces the degree of land sealing.

Efficient water use

Detailed water supply and disposal concepts ensure efficient water use. This includes measures to save water as well as possibilities to reuse black water, such as irrigating green spaces.

Renewable energy

To supply the neighbourhood’s energy in the future, photovoltaic systems will be installed on the roofs throughout the area. In addition, energy will be saved by recovering waste heat.

Careful use of resources

FRANKFURT WESTSIDE uses resources responsibly. From production to operation to renaturation – throughout the entire life cycle.

Sustainable mobility

The district’s mobility concept encourages intermodal mobility among its inhabitants by providing a dense network of public transport stops, cycle paths, e-charging points and car- and bike-sharing services.

Healthy urban climate

The neighbourhood is located in the immediate vicinity of the Main: situated directly on the flowing inland waterway, the project makes use of the cooling properties of the Main and is even aligned with the prevailing winds.

Balanced mix of uses

With sports hubs, parks, playgrounds, restaurants and stages, FRANKFURT WESTSIDE will be an inviting place for recreation, leisure, culture and exchange in the future: contemporary working in a magnificent ambience.

DGNB certification

For the project, an initial assessment was carried out according to the DGNB system for commercial areas (GG). The overall performance of FRANKFURT WESTSIDE was assessed with the highest rating ‘Platinum’.

‘Frankfurt’s largest development site is on the right path to also becoming a role model in sustainability.’

Thomas Kraubitz


Well-planned sustainable


Renewable energy sources are an integral part of the quarter’s energy concept. With a comprehensive photovoltaic system installed on roofs throughout the district, more than 10% of the final energy demand for heat and electricity can be generated on site.

IT & Communication

Broadband connections with more than 300 Mbit/s are available around the project area, enabling an in-house connection with high-speed fibre optics. For intelligent networking as well as efficient management of energy, mobility and heat, street lamps are equipped with data sensors, among other things.


The district’s mobility concept encourages its inhabitants to adopt intermodal mobility by providing a dense network of public transport stops, cycle paths, e-charging points and car-and bike-sharing services.

Heating & Cooling

FRANKFURT WESTSIDE uses the waste heat from its data centres to heat buildings, produce hot water and generate electricity, thereby reducing the district’s energy footprint.


Platinum DGNB Pre-Certification

FRANKFURT WESTSIDE has been assessed with the highest of all DGNB ratings for commercial quarters and received a ‘Platinum’ pre-certification. But what does that actually mean? It means that we plan a quarter according to the highest standards in all relevant aspects of sustainable construction.

In doing so, we consider ecology, economy, socio-cultural as well as functional aspects, technologies and processes according to the globally recognised DGNB system. This starts by using materials carefully selected for the respective context and ends by considering factors that focus on the needs of the people in the neighbourhood.

This is how FRANKFURT WESTSIDE achieves the highest DGNB standards with its sustainability concept. And we are working hard to implement these standards in each and every step we take moving forward.

A Project of BEOS and Swiss Life Asset Managers