From left to right: Waldemar Fuchs (Senior Technical Asset Manager), Aziz Arica (Senior Technical Property Manager), Lara Kroker (Senior Project Manager), Selina Morello (Project Manager), Mathias Strauch (Senior Project Manager), Antonia Kolb (Senior Project Manager), Stephan Gubi (Branch Manager Rhine-Main at BEOS AG)


Frankfurt am Main

Fürstenbergerstraße 3-9
60322 Frankfurt am Main

About BEOS
and Swiss Life Asset Managers

BEOS AG is one of Germany’s leading corporate real estate asset managers and property developers. Founded in 1997, the company and its interdisciplinary team of roughly 240 employees manages a portfolio of mixed-use and commercial properties encompassing around 4.5 million sqm of rental area and more than €6.0bn in assets under management (* based on gross fund assets, as at 31 December 2021).

In addition to its headquarters in Berlin, BEOS AG has offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart. Under the umbrella of Swiss Life Asset Managers, BEOS assists institutional investors with their portfolio properties in all of Germany’s major cities. BEOS has been managing special funds since 2010 and paving the way for German institutional investors to enter the high-growth asset class of corporate real estate.

Swiss Life Asset Managers boasts 165 years of experience in managing the assets of the Swiss Life Group. The company’s origin in the insurance business has had a decisive impact on its investment philosophy. Swiss Life Asset Managers prioritizes principles such as value preservation, generating long-term, consistent returns and managing risks responsibly. The company also gives third-party clients in Switzerland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the UK and the Nordic countries access to its proven strategy.

As at 31 December 2021, Swiss Life Asset Managers holds €266.3bn in assets under management for the Swiss Life Group, over €99.1bn of which involves third-party investment. Swiss Life Asset Managers is also one of Europe’s leading real estate managers. €84bn of the company’s €266.3bn in total assets under management is invested in real estate. Together with Livit, Swiss Life Asset Managers manages a total of €27.8bn in real estate. That puts the company’s total real estate under management at roughly €111.8bn as at the end of 2021.

Swiss Life Asset Managers has over 2,500 employees in Europe.

A Project of BEOS and Swiss Life Asset Managers