FRANKFURT WESTSIDE, Frankfurt’s largest commercial and industrial mixed-use campus, is now being built west of the city center along the northern banks of the Main River on a site that boasts a long history and tradition in the city. With this development, we are setting new standards: for you, for your company and for the professional landscape of the future.

The development revolves around sustainable planning and will be the place to be when it comes to creativity, innovation, progress and productivity. Located in the heart of the Frankfurt metropolitan region, the site is a melting pot of businesses and industries, diverse, digital and forward-thinking.

This visionary commercial and industrial campus is being built on an area of roughly 73 hectares. The development offers custom space, layouts and solutions for your company, whether you are a traditional SME, a large international company looking to expand or a small, cutting-edge start-up.

FRANKFURT WESTSIDE offers infrastructure and amenities that will meet your demands in terms of performance, security and sustainability.

The site enjoys multimodal access and can be easily reached by suburban train, bus, bicycle, car and truck. A network of walking and bike paths will offer convenient access within the campus itself. Just walk, take a scooter, ride your bike or use one of the shared bikes available on site.

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FRANKFURT WESTSIDE offers outstanding space, layouts and perspectives to meet all of your needs.

Whether you are looking for small or large-scale offices directly on the water, outdoor workspaces, space for technology, IT or production, creative hubs or coworking spaces in a wide variety of sizes and locations, the 73-hectare site offers custom solutions for cutting-edge businesses and Industry 4.0.

FRANKFURT WESTSIDE gives you extensive options and flexibility while catering to the needs of different industries, enabling your company to design the workspaces it needs.

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At FRANKFURT WESTSIDE, work-life balance is more than just a concept. It’s something that tenants experience daily.

Surrounded by green spaces on the banks of the river, the development boasts access to extensive landscaping, sports facilities, parks, playgrounds, restaurants and theaters. This combined with the careful preservation of the site’s industrial feel create a unique atmosphere that invites people to linger, relax, communicate and enjoy recreational and cultural activities. FRANKFURT WESTSIDE taps new perspectives for contemporary work in an amazing setting. The development boasts a sustainable, climate-friendly design with attention to detail. With all of this to offer, FRANKFURT WESTSIDE creates space where you can simply be happy – before, during and after work!

The entrances to the urban commercial campus will be structured around four axes. Each one will have a unique focal point – creativity, innovation, technology and production – and offer a variety of unit sizes, layouts and features based on usage requirements. They will be connected to each other via a well-designed landscaping concept, green spaces and a variety of usage options. The campus design targets the professional landscape of the future, carefully integrating the site’s significant history and creating a unique combination of tradition and progress.

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FRANKFURT WESTSIDE will feature an indoor market with a historical flair, a wide selection of high-end restaurants and excellent access to daily amenities, inviting visitors to enjoy a wide range of culinary delights.

Sports & play

Visit the sports and skate park at the river, do a workout or yoga in one of the surrounding hubs, enjoy a bike ride along the Main or spend time at one of the many playgrounds – at FRANKFURT WESTSIDE you can stay fit wherever you are!

Mobile working & culture

Mobile workspaces for groups and private workstations provide the greatest possible flexibility, and multifunctional event areas provide space for cultural activities.


The site’s innovative concept makes accessing the different parts of the campus easy and environmentally friendly. Extensive bike paths, local parking facilities and charging stations make getting around a breeze.

FRANKFURT WESTSIDE | Stroofstraße 27 | 65933 Frankfurt am Main

A Project of BEOS and Swiss Life Asset Managers